Customer demands are evolving, and businesses need to keep pace with them to ensure high customer retention and improve customer acquisition. They need to rely on technologies that can help them streamline communication and offer an enhanced experience. The software for call centers has given businesses a competitive edge as it helps to deliver high customer satisfaction continuously. But some companies are yet to make the transition from on-premise to call center solution-enabled call centers.

Cloud Based Vs On-Premise Call Center

Let's understand both models, and we'll provide you with relevant information to help you choose the best option.

Set up & Activation: The call centers are easy to set up and activate. They are smart plug-and-play solutions and easily integrate into CRMs. There's no Capex involved, and it's a perfect setup for the remote workforce. Companies can integrate the call center software into their existing CRMs and benefit from easy access to consolidated data. 

Cost: You'll be surprised to know that the price of a call center solution is low compared to traditional call centers that require heavy expenditure and upfront investment. On the contrary, contact center software is available at budget-friendly prices. Small and medium-sized companies can buy it, and even start-ups can consider purchasing the software.

Features: Several features in the software make it a complete call management solution that a brick-and-mortar call center lacks. The cloud contact center has a call routing facility that optimises the call routes and connects customers to the agents faster. It reduces the call wait time and helps to provide an enhanced CX, as customers always dread long queues. Most of the time, they abandon the call and cause a bad CX.

Companies can avoid it by ensuring optimised call routes in the contact center. Another notable feature is call recording which allows the business to record the conversation between the agents and the customers and know about the agents' performance. The insights guide the business in implementing the right decisions and benefitting from them. So, more and more companies want to get call center solutions.

Data Insights: Traditional call centers do not provide data insights that can help the business get a 360-degree view of the call operation and real-time data insights that can improve the operations. On the contrary, cloud-based contact centers thrive on data. Today businesses rely on data and real-time information to propel growth. Without insights, organisations cannot improve and survive the competition. The call center software offers actionable insights that keep the business alert and helps it make informed decisions to increase profitability. 

Better CX: The traditional call centers offer limited capabilities in providing better CX. But the contact center is a highly advanced solution that allows businesses to provide better CX with the sticky agent concept. It connects customers with the same agent they have had a conversation with earlier and creates a sense of familiarity for them. They feel at ease by discussing their issues with the agents. It creates a good impression as the customers consider the business to be customer friendly. The agents can offer better solutions with quick access to data and provide correct and prompt query resolution.

Mobile App Access: One of the main differentiators between the on-premise contact centers and the cloud-based contact center is that the latter can be managed entirely via a mobile app. The business can manage its call centers efficiently and offer streamlined customer engagement. They can acquire more customers and increase the retention rate. Hence, companies want to get call center solutions and benefit from them.


The software for the call center is a beneficial solution that helps businesses to improve their call operations. The cloud-based call centers have several advanced features which the on-premise call center does not have. So, if you look forward to cost-efficiency and flexibility in call operations, you should get call center software. The software solution would be the best option to provide an enhanced CX.

Cloud-based companies are making the software available at a budget-friendly price. You can buy the software for call centers and get the benefits that will help you improve your call center operations. You can get the call center solution from them and improve profitability.